University of Malaya


The New Economic Policy in Malaysia: Affirmative Action, Ethnic Inequalities and Social Justice
Edmund Terence Gomez and Johan Saravanamuttu

Drawing on a wealth of statistical and documentary evidence, this book provides a comprehensive and rigorous assessment of the NEP. The contributors show that there have been some positive outcomes, among them a considerable reduction of poverty, greater interethnic equity parity and the emergence of a resourceful Bumiputera middle class. But these partial successes have to be weighed against persistent complaints associated with increasing intraethnic Bumiputera income disparities; the emergence of a small, politically powerful and disproportionately wealthy Bumiputera elite, among others. This book offers a timely and fresh perspective, suggesting that the long-term implementation of racially-targeted policies reinforces stereotypical ethnic identities and hinders the creation of a more inclusive society.

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